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Business Transfers Stock Valuations

This is the area where you need the best Valuer you can find. A wrong valuation here and you will lose out with no chance of recovering any lost money. Shopping around for the cheapest fee can be counter productive. You must have confidence in your Valuer.

We pride ourselves on our ability to put a fair trade value on retail stocks at the completion of a business transfer.

A telephone call to us before you commit anything in contract prior to the sale could save you expense and aggravation.

All Business Transfer Valuations should take place on the day of completion or on a day agreed by both parties and their solicitors. Ideally the store should be closed while this valuation takes place, but by adjusting for the sales during the count, it is possible to handle this while the store is open. We always give a result, with certificates on the day.

When handling Business Transfer Valuations, we either work for both parties, or one party, with the other party using their own valuer. If we work for both parties in the transaction then the fee is shared equally between them. When working for one party in the transaction then our objective is to agree the valuation with the other party’s valuer.

The end result should be a clean hand over of the business with all parties involved shaking hands, and feeling confident in the Valuation.

Remember a good Valuer can save you time and expense.