Appleton & Co. Stocktakers and Valuers

Annual/Interim Valuations

This valuation is also very important. An inaccurate valuation for end of year purposes can lead to the overpayment in tax as well as presenting wrong profit margins for your business, which will in turn affect the overall value of your business.

Guessing your stock value at year-end is possibly the worst move on the part of any retailer. Use a Professional Valuer – remember it is totally tax deductible.

We try when handling this type of valuation to work around a convenient time and date, so as not to disrupt the day-to-day running of the business. Ideally the stocktake should be as close to the period/year end as possible. However if the correct paperwork is available to our valuers we can adjust from sales & purchase figures for any period of time.

Being a Professional  Independent Valuation Company, our figures are accepted by Accountants, Banks, Customs & Excise and the Inland Revenue. Having a regular valuation can help with any insurance claims that may arise.

Again, we will leave a copy of our valuation on the day of attendance. If however the valuation is being carried out prior to the period/year end, the full certificate will not follow until we have received the adjustment figures.

Remember, the service you require is not necessary the one which offers the lowest fee. You need a Professional service to help keep your business running smoothly.

Remember a good Valuer can save you time and expense.